2010 $3 Three Dollars-Return of the Tyee

2010 $3 Three Dollars-Return of the Tyee

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2010 $3 Three Dollars-Return of the Tyee

  • Mintage sold: 8,301
  • Finish: proof
  • Weight (g): 11,72
  • Composition: 99,99 Silver, selectively Plated in Pink and yellow gold
  • Silver Content: 7,96 g ,0,256 tr oz
  • Weight (g): 7,96g
  • Thickness (mm) 1.9
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Face value: $3

No other fish embodies the history of North America’s First Nations people like the salmon. Since time immemorial, it has been an essential food source for the Northwest Coast people. It shaped their lives; a few weeks of intense work during the salmon run usually produced enough stores to meet their needs and enjoy their leisure time.

The salmon was highly symbolic as the “giver of life” and special reverence was held for the largest species, the Tyee (meaning King). Its significance to this ancient culture is unmistakable in this stunning pure silver coin that’s selectively plated in two eye-catching tones of gold.

Highlights: The distinctive style of British Columbia’s increasingly popular art form is brought to the world of numismatics with a beautiful three-tone coin inspired by an original wood carving. Selective plating in pink and yellow gold add an unexpected and upscale touch of distinction to this intriguing coin.

Reverse: Two Tyee salmon positioned to represent the circle of life surrounded by a decorative band.


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