2012 1-Cent Special Wrap Roll Pack-Farewell

2012 1-Cent Special Wrap Roll Pack-Farewell

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2012 1-Cent Special Wrap Roll Pack-Farewell

  • No. 121588
  • Mintage 20,000 rolls of 50 coins
  • Composition steel (1001) RCM Cu Plt Steel and/or steel (1001) RCM Cu Plt Zinc
  • Finish circulation
  • Weight (g) 2,25
  • Diameter (mm) 19,05
  • Edge PLAIN
  • Certificate n/a
  • Face value 1 cent ($0.50 face of value of roll)
  • Artist  G.E. Kruger-Gray (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)
  • Information and Picture from: Mint.ca

The last million circulation pennies!

The last million pennies ever distributed by the Royal Canadian Mint are being offered in special commemorative wrap rolls of 50 pennies. Each of the 50 pennies in this roll features G.E. Kruger-Gray's iconic 1937 reverse design, which was used as the Canadian 1-cent piece reverse image from 1937 to 2012, with the sole exception of 1967.

Own a piece of history! In this unique venture, we are offering the last one million Canadian 1-cent pieces ever distributed to Canadians in 50-cent rolls.

Special features:
• Each special wrap roll is authenticated to be part of the last million units distributed with a serialized holographic label.
• Part of the Royal Canadian Mint's retrospective collection celebrating the history of Canada's 1-cent piece.
• An excellent gift and lovely addition to any collection featuring commemorative circulation coins, Canadian history, and Canadiana.
• Limited to 20,000 coin rolls worldwide.

Your coin image features two upright five-lobed maple leaves, the larger one on the right slightly overlapping the smaller leaf on the left. Both are attached by their stems to a small twig. The date of the penny's last production, "2012," is engraved just below and to the left of the central image. The word "CANADA" is engraved across the central bottom portion of the reverse field. Opposite this word, across the centre top portion of the coin, is the face value of "1 CENT." The reverse and obverse sides are framed with a beaded circle. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

• Your coins are wrapped in a special illustrated paper.
• Each of your special wrap roll is authenticated to be part of the last million units distributed with a serialized holographic label.

Please Note: As 2012 one-cent circulation coins were made with both copper-plated steel and copper-plated zinc, these special wrap rolls may contain a combination of both compositions, or all copper-plated steel and all copper-plated zinc coins

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