Grande Sheet for 12 Coin Holders

Grande Sheet for 12 Coin Holders

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Grande Sheet for 12 Coin Holders

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LIGHTHOUSE offers GRANDE sheets to match the GRANDE binders. Crystal-clear, welded strips completely cover your collector's pieces to provide optimum protection. Document quality: 100% free from chemical softeners and acids.
Crystal-clear storage sheets with12 spaces format: 73 x 71 mm for the accommodation of 2.5 x 2.5" coinholders.
Compatible with the GRANDE binders

Overall size: 9 ½ x 12 ¼ " (242 x 312 mm).

*Pack of 5

The Canadian Association of Numismatic Dealers is a non-profit association of professional numismatists organized in 1975 under letters patent as Canada 70,067 Inc. CAND's function is to ensure a high degree of professionalism by its members. Each CAND member has signed a strict code of ethics, which is enforceable by our by-laws. CAND members are engaged in the retail numismatic trade, primarily in Canadian numismatics, and may conduct business from anywhere in the world.
CAND members include coin dealers, coin show operators, Publishers, supply manufacturers, bullion dealers, foreign exchange dealers, auctioneers, paper money dealers, and foreign coin and paper money dealers.
CAND features a mechanism for redress of grievances against members, and a performance fund for at least partial compensation to wronged collectors should the dealer be unable to fulfill his obligation.